Anonymous said: Grinning, Sherlock slide Molly's favorite dessert, Baked Alaskan, into the oven. Knowing he had a bit before it was done and his pregnant wife would be home, he made himself comfortable on the couch, unfortunately falling asleep; not to wake up until the scent of smoke stunk up the entire flat.


Molly had walked in only seconds before Sherlock woke up, and she watched him storm frantically to the kitchen, groaning as he saw the now ruined dessert.

His hands were running furiously through his hair, and he was muttering and looking at his watch, contemplating if he could put together another one before she returned home.

Molly walked up to him, kissed him fully on the lips, showing him how much she loved him.

Oooh!! Fluffy!


The Case of the Missing Pathologist is now complete and uploaded to :)

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savanna-the-redhead said: I know its becoming overused, but jealous Sherlock? Maybe Molly going to a speed date thing because she really wants to find a guy and Sherlock being fed up she hasn't taken his advice. Hope inspiration picks up. btw I like your stories!!


Wee I got it finished before midnight XD i’m actually rather pleased with this too :3

It’s slightly nsfw, so now you’re warned, it’s also been a while since i’ve written anything smutty, so apologies in advance ^^ it’s not exactly following the prompt, but yeah, i’m pretty happy with it. savanna-the-redhead

‘WHAT, okay, um, well have her brought to my house, yes, thank you.’ Lestrade hung up on the caller and started towards the door.

‘What’s going on?’ Asked John curiously.

‘There’s been a fire at Molly’s building; she’s okay, only a sprained ankle and a small burn on her arm.’

‘I had Sally take her to my place; she’ll be fine there alone.’

Sherlock’s ears peeked up at the mention of the pathologist, ‘have her bring Molly here, Molly knows Baker Street better, she’ll feel much safer here.’ Sherlock said knowingly.

‘Actually Molly’s been at my place quite a few times Sherlock, she lived with me for a couple of days when her flat was remodelled, she stayed with me for quite a while during the whole stalker phase.’

Sherlock’s brows rose at that and a hot surge of anger surged through his body before he could even think to control it.

‘Stalker, what stalker,’ he asked through his teeth.

‘It happened while you were away; she’d been feeling uneasy for about a week when she came to me, it stopped as soon as she moved into my spare bedroom. I made her stay for a couple of weeks though, I just wanted to make sure.’

Sherlock felt a flash of jealous and guilt during Lestrade’s story.

He knew it could have very well been him Molly had seen. He’d been back in London for about a week, and he’d been to check on Molly a few times every day during his stay.

And staying with George, there was no way he was going to let that happen, he’d have her in his flat soon enough.

The three men left for Molly’s building, all wanting to make sure that there was nothing dodgy about the fire, and if there was, that it had nothing to do with Molly.

Sherlock searched through the building, quickly finding the source of the fire. A neighbour had been trying to fix some wiring, but had obviously been unable to do so.

The men left to each their own, John returning to his wife, he’d texted her after learning of the fire, informing her that he’d be home a bit later than anticipated.

Lestrade had to go to his office as his shift wasn’t over quite yet.

And Sherlock had a pathologist to abduct.

It would be quite easy, a tiny bit of chloroform and he’d be able to get her moved, getting into Lestrade’s house would be no trouble.

An hour later and Sherlock was in bed, Molly snuggled up against his side, her sprained foot perched on a pillow, and her bruised hand gently perched over his heart.

After another hour Molly started stirring, her hand going up to rub at her eyes, Sherlock stopped it.

‘It’ll hurt Molly, use your other hand,’ he whispered close to her ear.

‘Ugh, what are you doing here Sherlock,’ Molly groaned, wishing she could just go back to sleep.

‘Well it is my bed isn’t it,’ he replied smugly, smirking even more when he heard the small intake of breath Molly did after his revelation.

‘If this is your bed, what am I doing here? I’m pretty sure I fell asleep in the bed in Greg’s spare bedroom.’ She said, getting a bit annoyed with the consulting detective.

‘Well you were sleeping,’ he started.

A pillow hit him in the face, and Molly tried to pull away from him, but his initial shock passed quickly, and he pulled her close again.

‘I was jealous Molly, there is no way I was going to let you stay with Lestrade,’ the name of the DI was spat out with disdain and Sherlock tightened his hold around her even more.

He was staring at her and she could see his pupils dilating, knowing that her own were doing the exact same thing.

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Oh! Naughty and jealous Sherlock. Yum! Loooved this, as always!!! ^^


Well, as I already said this weekend I’ll be in Milan at the euroairdotcon as an exhibitor and these are some of my new stuff that I will sell at the convention (and this Saturday I’ll be there with the lovely potemkinx) :)

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Molly: *nicks Sherlock’s food*

Sherlock: *raises eyebrows* Hungry? You’ve still got some of yours, right there.

Molly: *nonchalant: smiles* Yeah, well…since it’s your fault I’m eating for two, I assumed it didn’t matter.



Sherlock: *grins* Molly…

Anonymous said: I have a prompt, if you like: Molly drags an unwilling Sherlock to Her Majesty's Theatre to see The Phantom of the Opera. Once the show is over and they're walking outside, Molly catches Sherlock humming a tune from the show, causing her to lovingly tease him. :)


tbh this seems like a fine head canon by itself, but I’ll write a small drabble! :) 

"Was that?" Molly’s eyes widened, and she leaned in closer toward Sherlock in the cab, straining to hear. She broke into a grin. "I knew you would like it." 

Sherlock gave her a withering glance. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” 

Molly merely scooted closer to him until she was pressing right up against him and pinched his cheeks, tugging on them and causing the once respectable consulting detective to immediately resemble a chipmunk. “Just admit it,” she crooned while messing with his face. 

He turned his head away from her. “You’re distracting the cab driver.” 

"He doesn’t mind." Molly laughed. By now, she was practically on top of him, chortling, not unlike a cute puppy, Sherlock imagined. He could practically see her tail wagging. 

He sighed. “Yes, I enjoyed it.” The last time he was stubborn enough to refuse to admit he liked “Guardians of the Galaxy” she had kept him up the entire night showing him gif after gif of baby Groot dancing. 

She sighed in happiness, finally content, and snuggled closer. “Told you so,” she crowed. He simply petted her hair, glad she was enjoying herself.


doyouhearthetardissing said: Sherlolly au at an amusement park!



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