Mr. Holmes and His Maid - Part 3


Story Description: Victorian Sherlolly AU about Sherlock meeting Molly when he hires her to be his housemaid.

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 A/N: I seem to be unable to let this story go and end it so I had to cut this chapter in half because it was turning out long and that’s why you can expect the real final chapter soon.


“As you know, I have long ago resigned myself from the possibility of ever entering into a matrimony, after all it’s nothing but humbug, merely the government’s incessant need of  keeping everyone in a leash and the church’s ploy to lecture us more about the nonsense that is faith. But now I find myself in a predicament that is the result of me having recently been informed by my parents that if I wish to guarantee my yearly income from their inheritance fund then I must acquire myself a wife. And now, despite my earlier qualms about this most inconvenient matter, I have realized I haven’t got another option than to acquiesce to their demand. This of course leads me to the subject at hand. After a thorough inspection of the present circumstances, I have come to the conclusion that it should be in both of our benefit if it were us who were bound together in the eyes of the law and society. For me this arrangement would guarantee my earlier mentioned income but also it would save me from the monetary loss of your annual wages. You on the other hand would gain a secure and lifelong stay at Baker Street, you wouldn’t have to work anymore and you would be in no fear of finding yourself without a home nor nourishment ever again. I realize what I’ve just said have taken you by surprise but I would like for you to consider my offer  and give me your answer as soon as possible so I’ll know if I have to began planning the tedious task of finding another woman for the position if you for some foolish impulse refuse me .”

John Watson was sometimes beyond glad that a man like Sherlock Holmes had a friend such as him for if he did not he was certain Sherlock would have forever been blind to his own foolishnesses  and would’ve suffered the dire consequences of it for the rest of his life. This matter definitely being the most regrettable in the midst of them.

The former army Doctor, sitting in his red armchair, and the Consulting detective, standing opposite of him in front of the fireplace, stared each other a good minute before the former one was able of any speech.

“That’s it? That’s the great speech you are going to propose her with?”

“Yes.” He nodded “Although I myself do think it was rather good I’d hardly call it great like you. That’s why I came to you for your input since I know you’ve already thought up a way to propose to Miss Morstan even though you haven’t known each other for a fortnight yet. And of course everyone knows you’re to more experienced of us in the relationship front. ”

John leans his forehead into his palm and shakes his head without being unable to not laugh.

“No, Sherlock. You have misunderstood my meaning because that was nowhere near good. Or even passable for that matter. I’m sure Molly would not only box your ears red but she would most likely resign as well after hearing that.”

The answer clearly caught the ever so confident detective of his guard as his eyes narrowed at his flat mate.

“Why? What is so wrong about it? I explain everything logically and in a way that she simply has no reason not to accept.”

Causing the end of his camel colored morning robe fly in the air Sherlock plunges down onto his leather chair and steeples his hands together below his chin, looking determined to prove his friend wrong.

The doctor sighs.

“You’re missing the one and the only matter of persuasion there is for Molly when it comes to marriage proposals.”

“What could I have possibly missed that would be more important than the promise of good and stable standard of living?”

“Love, Sherlock. She won’t marry you without you loving her.”

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Detective of Honor- Chapter 1: of Rings and Regrets


So a few months ago I wrote the first chapter to a Sherlolly MadeofHonorAU and never did anything with it.  So I’m gonna post it, and you let me know if I should continue or not.  I think this could be really run to write.  Jealous Sherlock is the best afterall…

            It was a memory that stuck in his mind whenever the London sky opened up at night and his black room would suddenly be basked in the glow of a lightning strike.  He would take refuge under the blanket, burrowing his head beneath it and trying to calm his breathing as another crack sounded outside.  Sherlock Holmes would never admit to anyone that he had a fear of lightening, one that was rooted in a miserable childhood experience.  He was five, and as a curious five year old, even more curious than the other children, he tended to wander off on his own. 

            His parents lived in the country, so it had never been much of a problem and his mother usually didn’t notice he was gone until he would be half a mile down the road, a collection of dead insects and various types of leaves filling the linings of his trouser pockets.  He loved these excursions as a child, waiting patiently all winter for the ground to clear up and the wind to turn just warm enough to venture outside.  What he hadn’t been expecting however, was to be caught in a summer storm one afternoon as the sky turned darker and his little legs couldn’t run quite fast enough to get home before the rain came down in strong pellets and the dirt road became a mess of mud beneath him.  He was stopped in his tracks by a bolt of lightning landing right in front of him, tearing up the road and making him fall backward in shock. 

            After that, he went into practical hysterics during a storm, his mother struggling to pull him out of his closet long enough to comfort him.  The only thing that calmed him was a phrase she uttered one afternoon when the storm lasted just a little bit longer than usual.  “C’mon, love.  Lightening never strikes twice.”

            He believed her, even though there was no scientific basis for the phrase whatsoever, it came from his mother when he was a scared little boy and he liked to think that she could be right.  Up until thirty five years later when his best friend was married off and practically gone.  And the woman that had become his second best friend now held an engagement ring, poised delicately on her finger. When Sherlock Holmes watched John Watson hug Molly Hooper in congratulations, he decided, with a scowl on his lips and a fire in his heart, that lightening most certainly could strike twice.

            Three days before Molly Hooper shocked the man who usually had such a good handle on those around him, the detective in question opened Molly’s flat door with a flourish, a grin breaking out over his face.  Molly stopped what she was doing in her sitting room, laying her book down before smiling, her eyes peering at him over her glasses. 

            “I take it you solved the case,” she said with a smirk and Sherlock’s grin grew even brighter.

            “Oh, Molly, you should have been there,” he said while setting the bag of take away he brought down on her kitchen table and then disposing of his coat and scarf.  He plopped down on the sofa next to her, itching to tell her every single detail.

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Baby Watson: Awwww, I like this one, Uncle Sherlock?

Sherlock: Really? You think she'll like it?

Baby Watson: *excited* Who's 'she'?

Sherlock: ...

Sherlock: Mrs. Hudson.

Baby Watson: *splutters* Why are you buying Granny a baby puppy? Daddy says she doesn't like pets.

Sherlock: *sighs; mutters* It's...Molly's engagement present.

Baby Watson: *squeals* YAY!

Sherlock: Shhh!

Baby Watson: *whispers* Yay. Have you got a ring?

Sherlock: Yes, yes... *rummages in pockets; shows baby Watson*

Baby Watson: Oooh...shiny. Are you going to put it in the puppy's collar?

Sherlock: *smiles* You're too much like your father for your own good. Which one again?

Baby Watson: *points at red setter* That one...he kept licking my hand!

Sherlock: Yes...I thought so too *pause; nervous* you think she'll say 'yes'?

Baby Watson: *rolls eyes* Well, yeah, Auntie Molly's not an idiot *pulls Sherlock's hand* Come on, we have to get the puppy.

Sherlock: *soft smile* Your Mum would be proud of you.


Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.
                                                       —Hermann Hesse


Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.

                                                       —Hermann Hesse

I bet Molly gets really scary when she's had next to no sleep/really hungry

Molly: Sherlock, I apologize if I'm not in the greatest mood. I haven't had any sleep for the past two days. Whatever you do, don't irritate me.

Sherlock: yeah okay got it boss lol


Sherlock: Molly where's my toes

Molly: on your feet, Sherlock.

Sherlock: haha, funny. You promised me a bag of toes last week. They're still not here.



Molly: listen here u lil shit

Molly: I haven't had any sleep the last two days.

Molly: I have at least ten hours of paperwork

Molly: and I'm so hungry I think I'm going to pass out

Molly: so if you want a bag of toes, cut them off of your own god damn feet you walking sack of dicks

Molly: got it?



Sherlock: holy shit

-that night at Baker Street-

Molly: wake me up when it's January

Sherlock: Molly it's October it's not physically possible to—

Molly: Sherlock I'm going to punch you into the fucking sun

Molly: and if you don't stop trying to get funky with me I'm going to have to shove my foot up your ass

Sherlock: that's also not physically—

Molly: I'm pretty sure if you keep me awake much longer, I'm going to accomplish the impossible


I can imagine sherlock trying to propose to molly but being really shy about it so he tries to leave the ring in obvious places where she’ll find it, but she always seems to miss the little blue box and out of utter frustration he just steals the Great Star of Africa and plops it down in the middle of the dining table with a super passive aggressive note about her need to get new glasses


"This is unpolite, Sherlock. Just sitting here and watchig as a mother feeding a child with breastfeed."
"Molly, this is a conseduence of our genetic experiment and I have all the rules to watch at it. Besides this fact, it brings to me an aesthetic sutisfaction".



"This is unpolite, Sherlock. Just sitting here and watchig as a mother feeding a child with breastfeed."

"Molly, this is a conseduence of our genetic experiment and I have all the rules to watch at it. Besides this fact, it brings to me an aesthetic sutisfaction".


"She knew his weaknesses, his moments of hatred, of despair. Yet she was there at his side. They shared the same universe"
"She knew his weaknesses, his moments of hatred, of despair. 
Yet she was there at his side.
They shared the same universe"

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Can’t sleep, gotta doodle


Can’t sleep, gotta doodle